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Design for Six Sigma to Software and Hardware Systems

time:2009-8-20 read:793
This book provides a clear roadmap and guidance for developing products—not only simple products, but also high tech, information age products and systems involving both software and hardware development. The book provides real and realistic examples, so that the reader will have exactly what he or she needs to successfully apply DFSS to systems, software, and hardware development projects. The scope encompasses the development project from the development, justification, and prioritization of the business case and the associated project schedule, through the developing of customer-driven requirements and consequent efforts to fulfill those requirements with high confidence.

It provides the tools and step-by-step guidance for systems engineers, programmers, software engineers, electrical engineers, engineering managers, program managers, and engineering students. It will also be useful for engineers who handle multidisciplinary situations involving software or electronic hardware, such as aerospace, biomedical, industrial, and power engineers. Software and electronics has seeped into many other disciplines as well, so it will also be useful for mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, and civil engineers.