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Quality Mag: Design in Cost Reduction

time:2015-8-10 read:1513

Steven Lee, instructor at Motorola’s Quality Institute in Taiwan, trains teams of Motorola employees, customers and supply chain partners to integrate Motorola’s legacy Six Sigma program with lean initiatives and software that facilitates the design for manufacture and assembly. His approach is an applied business strategy that works: This year, a top electronic device manufacturer completed 12 product redesign projects in four months, saving $6.8 million. 

The quest for faster and better product development strategies leads busy engineers and business managers to Motorola University. “The average product manufacturing lifecycle is very short, about three to six months, and Motorola’s global development teams and customers launch hundreds of new products each year,” says Lee. “So we are always under pressure to improve, to retain quality with a current heightened emphasis on cost.”

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