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MU Sigma new partner – Ops A La Carte

time:2015-9-15 read:2308
MU Sigma holds the spirits of providing all-aspect service, works with Domestic and international professional organizations to provide more solutions.MU Sigma cooperates with Ops A La Carte since September 2011,will help Ops A La Carte execute projects in Taiwan.
is a Professional Reliability Engineering firm focused on providing you confidence in reliability throughout your product life cycle.

We offer a flexible method of engagement from end-to-end reliability solutions to solving specific problems to providing individual targeted reliability services. We do this through reliability assessment, consultation, testing, and training.

We have our own Reliability Lab called HALT and HASS Labs where we have successfully helped customers improve the reliability on over 500 different products.
So whether you are having field failures or developing your next product and cannot take any chances on reliability, we will develop a reliability solution that is right for you.. 
Reliability courses and prgograms