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Thursday November 10th, 9-10am PST - FREE WEBINAR on Reliability in the Universe of Solar Products, by Ops A La Carte and Concurrent Design, part of the ASQ Reliability Society webinar series.
The universe of solar products is large and expanding rapidly. Of all of the emerging clean tech industries, the solar industry is one of the most challenging from a reliability engineering perspective because the industry is innovating so rapidly. Customers (and investors) are demanding very high reliability products, commonly requiring a minimum 25-year operating life.

Each aspect of a solar product must be considered for reliability. For example, in a solar power installation, the cells, the panels, the trackers, the inverters, even the installation itself, there are opportunities for failures. Join us for a quick trip through the Solar Universe and the many faces of Reliability Engineering in this rapidly expanding sector. The presentation will include technical information on the benchmarking, reliability, life cycle and end-of-life susceptibility of components in solar products.

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Friday December 2nd, 8:30-9:30am PST - FREE WEBINAR on Medical Risk-Based Testing with IEC60601-1 3rd Edition, by Ops A La Carte, part of the Ops monthly webinar series.

The medical industry is moving in a similar direction to many other industries - Risk Based Testing. We will discuss what this means and how to comply. We will highlight each of the clauses in the document and help you decode what each means and how to comply. But more than that, we will show you how to change your approach to testing so that any test you consider, you think of the risks involved before you plan out the test.

It starts with Risk Management (work with Notifying Body / Test House, Regulatory Agencies, Regulatory Affairs Department). FMECAs, FTAs, Fishbone, etc. (Hazards & Risks). Use, Design, Process, and Software FMECAs are typically used as well as System Hazard Analyses. ISO 14971:2009 Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices also plays a big part.

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