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《MBB Certification Program of Lean Six Sigma》

time:2016-1-27 read:2692
Program Introduction

Successful Master Black Belts are your future business leaders. They are the driving change agents for instilling a new mindset, skill set, and discipline that will dramatically transform your company’s business performance.

They have advanced knowledge and experience applying Six Sigma methods and tools. They consistently solve your toughest problems. They are able to share their expertise effectively with others and generate infectious excitement around your Six Sigma program. Master Black Belts also facilitate project selection and project reviews. They mentor, teach and lead Black Belts and Greens Belts to successful project completion. They consistently deliver exceptional bottom line savings and top line growth for your company.
•This certification program is developed based on Motorola’s internal Master Black Belt certification policy, as well as industry benchmarked certification programs.

•The approach for an MBB candidate to become a Motorola University

  Certified Master Black Belt involves the following requirements:

1.Assignment to an MBB role or has been identified as a potential MBB within the company
2.Completion of the required Six Sigma MBB training
3.Completion of the BB test to ensure good understanding of Six Sigma tools and methodologies
4.Project application of Six Sigma tools and methodologies to deliver bottom line savings and/or top line growth for the company.